Nuova Simonelli Oscar Professional Espresso Machine

Nuova Simonelli Oscar Professional Espresso Machine

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When asking South African coffee professionals about what entry level espresso machine they would recommend for home use, one name consistently comes up - Oscar. The Nuova Simonelli Oscar is quite a special little machine as it was designed for (serious) home users, while trying to incorporate the most important aspects of professional machines, to avoid holding the home barista back.

It uses a standard size commercial group head & porta-filter, giving you freedom to choose your filter baskets, tampers and other related accessories. It has a sizeable water tank and powerful steam wand & boiler, meaning that once it's warmed up, you can easily make a few cappuccinos for friends and family members without losing temperature.

Still, the Oscar is simple to use and designed to look good on a kitchen counter, meaning that it doesn't need to be intimidating to new and aspiring home baristas. Because of all these characteristics, we don't feel we could find a better espresso machine to be the first available at Cape Coffee Beans!

A note on making espresso

We think it's important to note that making great espresso isn't as easy as pushing a button. Many professionals work for years to master the art and yet still find there is more to learn. A great shot or flat white requires practice & attention as well as good equipment & good coffee. With this machine, you have a solid foundation to work with, but you need to be prepared to invest the time & effort to learn to use it properly! If all you want is just a simple way to make a solid cup of coffee, you may want to check out our manual coffee makersinstead.

You'll also need an espresso grinder - make sure to check out the Nuova Simonelli Grinta!

Product features

  • Professional/commercial, 58mm group head & porta-filter
  • Heat-exchanging, insulated boiler
  • 360 degree adjustable steam wand
  • Vibrating pump
  • Removable drip-tray
  • Easy push-button operation (semi-automatic)
  • 2.3L water tank
  • Scratch-concealing plastic finish
  • Top can serve as cup-warmer

Warranty & Service

  • 1 year warranty
  • Service available through South African main-centre agents

A paid service every 6-12 months is recommended

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 14kg
  • Weight packaged: 17kg
  • Voltage: 115 - 230V
  • Power: 1200W
  • Height: 40cm
  • Depth: 40cm
  • Width: 30cm