Hario V60 Pour-Over Starter Bundle with Skerton Coffee Grinder

Hario V60 Pour-Over Starter Bundle with Skerton Coffee Grinder

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The pour-over is rapidly becoming a brew method of choice among specialty roasters in Cape Town. It represents a return to traditional filter-style coffee but with greater control over the extraction that allows the flavours of high quality coffees to flourish. At the centre of this trend are the beautifully designed Hario V60 Coffee Drippers and their various accessories.

One of the great things about the Hario V60 range is that you don't need much to get started. Because the Coffee Dripper can sit on top of a regular mug or pretty much any jug or receptacle, you can start brewing great coffee with just the cone and some filters. Of course, to get the best out of your coffee, you should be using recently roasted coffee, freshly ground right before you brew.

We put together this bundle for those who are just getting started with brewing fresh coffee at home and want an affordable entry point. Provided you have a kettle (and of course some coffee beans), this will give you all the basic equipment you need to make a pour-over. Included in the bundle are:

About the V60 Coffee Dripper

The V60 Coffee Dripper has rapidly become one of the most popular pieces of pour-over equipment. Its large hole and internal ridges help direct the flow of water for an even extraction. Because it is a separate component, it can sit on top of a mug or jug of any sort if you're brewing for more than one person.

We've chosen the white ceramic version of the V60 coffee dripper for this bundle because it is the most popular and common. Its material allows for good heat retention and we've chosen the 02 size so that you can brew for one or for a couple of people at the same time.

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About the Hario Skerton

The Hario Skerton has been one of the drivers of the (re)popularisation of manual coffee grinders. Featuring a high quality ceramic conical burr, it can produce a consistent grind of the sort you could only hope for in much more expensive electric grinders. It can grind up to 60g of coffee and performs particularly well at the sort of medium grinds you would use in a Hario pour-over brew.