Our Story

Our Story
CUPOCAFE Coffee Bar originated from two serving hearts... The owners are not just passionate about coffee but so much more about people.
CUPOCAFE's moto is to serve people in more ways than one.
Their passion for people was long embedded, even before they met as high school sweethearts. Theo & Melissa both come from serving backgrounds, as their parents raised them to consider others first. From young ages, they served in organizations in the communities they grew up in: feeding the poor, serving in old age homes & donating to good causes, and then serving the children in primary and high schools in Pretoria with the BTG movement
Theo and Melissa have chosen 6 weeks of every year, for the last 8 years to be part of a profound team, raising money to bring heaven to earth to those that desperately need it - here, now, today.
 Growing together as a team have enhanced their passion and allowed them to 
excel in more aspects of their lives. 
At CUPOCAFE, serving people means so much more than brewing the perfect cup of coffee or plating a delicious meal. It means putting a smile on someones face, leaving a feeling of compassion & encouraging others to stand tall & follow their dreams.
CupoCafe is determined to become a daily necessity for the local coffee lovers. A place to relax as you try to escape the daily stresses of life, or just a comfortable place to focus on the moment at hand, while connecting over coffee.
With the growing demand for high-quality coffee and premium service, CUPOCAFE will offer their customers the best brewed coffee in town that will be complimented with light meals and delicacies.
CupoCafe strives to connect with their customers in order to bring so much more than great food and drinks to the table. CUPOCAFE’s objective is to become selected as the “best new cafe in the area” by the local restaurant guide.